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Some ideas:

Manhunter background:
Group of manhunters, hostile with one faction, unfriendly with the others, most towns are unfriendly. Decent equipped starting brothers, can ambush groups (just like you can get ambushed- enemies are surrounded by you and without order, you can position your group according to 4 corners, as in how many guys in what corner).

Shackles (leather, wooden, iron): Gives you a chance to shackle a fleeing enemy, making them immovable(better chance with higher quality shackles, and depending on melee defense of enemy). Shackled enemies can be recruited as brothers (begrudged mood, disloyal) and all items on their body are put into your inventory.
Sell people to nobles (recruits for their armies), to necromancers and raiders (at certain locations, like a neutral trade hub maybe).

New perks:
Predator(increases melee/(ranged?) attack at night ~15%)
Strong Back (this character is immune to knockback and grab but uses +2 fatigue when moving)
Crazy[also as possible permanent injury “Lost his Mind”] (has a 5% chance to act randomly on his own during his turn)

New Backgrounds:
Arena Fighter: This man has a decent knowledge of war, having survived the pit fights several times. (less competent in ranged attacks/defense, good melee atk/def, good fat and decent resolve/initative, bad equipment, low chance to come with a permanent injury.

Doctor:This man is not made for fighting but he sure as hell will patch you up afterwards. Increases heal rate of injuries and HP in your company, comes with bandages and can use them on characters while engaged. (not good with weapons, decent fatigue, low to decent resolve, high initiative.

Escaped Slave: This man is clearly hiding something. The scars on his back clearly show a history of enslavement. (low to decent resolve, good fatigue, low initiative, low HP. Good chance to come with a positive perk. Can also trigger manhunter event (like murderer or graverobber).

Carnifex/Torturer: This man does the dirty work others dont want to be involved in, often known for their cruelty or lack of empathy, he wont find many friends. His line of work also taught him where hits really hurt.(low resolve, good melee atk) Good chance to have the Brutal perk, good weapon. Increased chance to cause injuries +20%.

Coachman: This man knows how to make horses and donkeys do his biddings, he is not made to fight. (Comes with a whip, decent melee atk). Good chance to have Hate or Fear for beasts perk. Increased Cleaver proficiency, cleaver skills build up 20% less fat.