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Fateful Fletchling Decisions
By Bodukal the Reporter, published in the Albstadt News and Waldhain Broadsheet

The Fletchlings had a base. As part of the agreement with Albstadt, the company was given an abandoned farm north of town to build a stronghold. Right now, due to finances, said stronghold was a dilapidated barn. They had another contract to Waldhain, but there was first some internal business to discuss. An ongoing discussion over the company’s next move had exploded into a leadership struggle. Nidonar said the wise move for the future was to have a battle standard made to distinguish them from any old band of fighters. It would cost, but would be worth it in publicity. Pulraka disagreed. “If we are to pull out of our financial hole, we need more recruits to enable us to take more contracts.”
“But more recruits is more money out of our pockets for little return” Nidonar countered. Finally a vote was taken. I was even given a half vote as an unofficial member of the Fletchlings. They voted in reverse order of joining.
Skinup, Nippun and myself voted for Nido. Karanika and Skado voted for Pul leaving Lindol as the deciding vote 3-2 ½. He scowled more than normal and pulled his two quarreling comrades to the other side of the barn. He returned with them in tow after a long discussion and could see it growing calmer and more civilized.
“We of the Fledglings have never had an “official” leader and despite today, we are not going to establish one,” said Lindol, “ I will continue the Quartermaster duties, Nidoran will handle the contracts, and Pulraka will be the battle leader. And we have agreed to get the company up to 12 before purchasing a battle standard. Now get to bed. We leave for Walhain at first light!”
The company got into marching order and prepared to leave the next day. “Cousin Skado! Cousin Skado!” shouted a man rushing up to us. “Cousin Rapun! Cousin Rapun!” shouted Skado back.
“Apparently this is Skado’s cousin, Rapun,” Nido said to me wryly. Well indeed it was, another ex-miller looking for a job. Pulraka turned to me and asked if we could afford another man right now. I pulled out the tallies and told him it would bring us to 348 crowns with 99 crowns paid daily in wages. He grimaced, but felt Skado’s performance in the short time he’d been here earned him a favor. We handed him a hand axe and told him to march next to his cousin.

Tragic End to a Loyal Brother
By Bodukal the Reporter, published in the Albstadt News and Waldhain Broadsheet

I try not to insert myself too much into the story of the life of a mercenary, but I received my first indication that my work as a reporter was doing the company good. The Burgomeister Karapun pulled me and Nido into his office. “I’ve been reading good things about the company” (I should point out that the version you are now reading is the unexpurgated one. My published copy leaves out the insults to important people and plays up the heroics and drama, the latter because that sells and the former because I don’t want to end up in the stocks.) I’d like to hire you on behalf of the town to take out one of those roaming groups of bandits plaguing the area.” Nido took the job. The company needed a quick influx of crowns.
Sortieing into the woods, they met the bandits on even grounds. The densely packed trees prevented the Fletchlings from practicing their Spearwall technique, so the fight quickly devolved to brutal little 1 on 1 or 1 on 2 skirmishes. I was up in the center, so did not see it myself so I get this from Nippun’s account. “I had taken position on lumpy ground to the west when I spotted two enemies, one of which was obviously the opposition’s leader. He stood back to hurl axes my way while his comrade rushed me. I hollered for assistance and around came Nidonar with his pitchfork. I forced back the spearman with a shield blow and abruptly there was a lane between him and Nidonar. It is not my place to assign motive, but he rushed right up to the bandit and grabbed for his large axe. I watched in horror as the bandit lunged down from his high point and split Nidonar’s skull. As much as I wanted to immediately avenge him, I had little choice but to stand my ground, avoid the throwing axes, and wait for support.”
The rest of the band lay dead and we were shocked and angered to see Nido dead. The enemy leader ran for his life with Skado and Nippun in hot pursuit, but he had too great of a lead and eluded them. I sat beside my friend’s body for a long time. He had always said, “I have no home. Bury me where I fall.” and so we did, digging a deep hole in that miserable forest. Pulraka swore to the grieving Fletchlings he would do two things.
We would return and give his friend a proper burial marker and
We would hunt down the worthless brigand raider that slew him and make him pay!
I barely remember marching back to town and collecting our pay and even less of the next few days of drunken mourning. Goodbye Nidoran. I will miss you greatly as will all the Fletchlings.

Curious if anyone is reading this? Comments?

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