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Quick Update to the last post.

As Vendols would have no ranged weapons, they would be always accompanied by fog on the battlefield, similar to the movie. Reducing the ranged skill by X, making them less squishy against ranged attacks.

Legendary event/Crisis:

Two boss fights, to stop the marauding fire dragon (mass of Vendols carrying torches, like in the movie) from razing the closest settlement.

First objective would be to find the main cave where the Mother dwells (she would be the brain of the Vendols, she would be the connection with the forest (Shaman like). Event flavor text would depict how you infiltrated the cave, got to the main chamber where the Mother resides. Fight would commit, She would be a regular woman in robes protected by schrats and some shape shifters, she would be able to transform to schrat, with better stats. Once she is killed the connection with forest will cease to exist and all of the animals will not support the Vendols.

Second phase of event, once the brain (Mother) is dead you need to kill also the muscles, (The Leader), once you kill the mother the very same location spawns a raiding party that will aim for the closest settlement and it would be composed of large amount of Vendols, all tiers of them with the Leader in the bunch. You need to intercept the raid party to prevent razing of the settlement. (No time to heal injuries, you would need to switch armors etc.) They would also be weaker as they would no longer have forest allies, just man power.

Fight again, in fog to reduce missile dmg. The Leader would be the biggest man you have ever seen, hand in hand with that he would shape shift to the biggest gray bear to differentiate from others. Similar to orc warlord he would have Massive Roar resolve de buff to your party and resolve buff to his party. Unhold like abilities. Skin tough as armor. His shape shift would last always the whole fight. I would theme the fight in a way that once he is dead all of the Vendols break (like in the movie). So there would be incentive to focus him, but on the other side make his party so big, it will be pain to get to him, or make him so tough he will just not go down easily.

Once Dead event will close, nobles will be happy, riches will await.

Loot Table: Mother will drop, Idol which will make traveling through forests way faster (party speed movement increase by X when traveling through forest), as if the forest would open up to your party. On top any Forest creatures will avoid attacking you (wolves, spiders, schrats will ignore you on the world map) You can still attack them but they will never ambush you.

Leader will drop horns, accessory that would increase the resolve of the party by 5. And the individual wearing it would be immune to fear, panic checks.