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Another idea about nimble perk.
1. Return Nimble effect on armour.
2. Make the weakening of the effect of the Nimble with each hit on the character. For example, -5% or -10% percent per hit for getting to a minimum of 20%-10% of the effectiveness of the Nimble.
With this mechanic, Nimble character just cant tank tons of damage(hits) only by health and mid-tier armours will be more valueble, depending on build.

There is also a suggestion to weaken the effect of the perk Indomitable, since it still performs too many functions and is essentially the most useful. Throughout the development of the game, this perk was changed not by the strength of the effect, but by the cost and time of the effect. I think it would be possible to weaken the effect of reducing damage by 20%-25% and maybe make it cheaper again. Current Indomitable allows you to restrain anyone and, in combination with the Recover and Adrenaline, just do it without stopping.

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