Reply To: What are barbarians for?

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Haha, “bone-wielding” thing disturbs me as well! At first, those weapons seem to be badass, but after played that DLC a little bit, I realized that even the orcs are culture enough to understand the best weapon to hurt someone is properly forged one(see the 2h chain, it’s like a magic since other orc weapons are lithic style, maybe the orcs get a little help from goblins?), yet those norsen pagans who logically should be more capable of learning and adapting, yet still using instrument that belongs to celt/early roman era which in-game has already become a long-forgotten history.

About the “viking” thing, I think the whole world BB presents is the land of “vikings”, or maybe we can say “post-vikings”, Norway, part of Danmark, part of Sweden, that already “Christianized”. Meanwhile, the new fantasy barbarians belong to a further north area like the rest of Sweden and Finland. My understanding is based on the fact that those nordic well craft armors and helmets can be found only in those civilized settlements and used by none of the NPCs, and of course, the usage of the long axe.