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The game has a lot of content and likely opponents. Certain content and tactics are assigned to the opponents, but some opponents are more common than others in the campaign of the game. We rarely fight other mercenaries, Lord’s soldiers, or militia. Finally, some types of weapons are just almost not found except in the workshops-Fighting Spear for example. Thus, some of the content is on the periphery of the gameplay. This leads to monotony due to the irrational distribution of content on the gameplay, which is a shame.
I will often repeat “group quests” – these are quests in which, in addition to the player’s side, another force acts on the customer’s side. I liked these tasks and I would like to have more of them. I think it would diversify the game.
As the author of these ideas, I think they are awesome, but of course the opinion of the developers is crucial. More specifics below under the numbers.
1) add to the army of noble houses Swordmasters and Master Archers
2) Regional equipment of warriors of noble houses. Armies of “Northern” houses can use “Northern” helmets, “southern” – “southern» helmets and scimitars. Sergeants can be equipped with shamshirs.
3) Sabre and Bardiche in the equipment of the leaders of brigand
4) I liked the tasks in which the player is helped by allied units, but unfortunately they are mostly found during crises. I would like more allies when completing tasks. Who hasn’t lured an Orc Warlord on a military patrol? This could be a great likelihood that during the quest “protect the village” the militia will offer assistance. These could be new tasks focused on interaction with allied units.

The customer can consider mercenaries as an addition to an existing unit or hire several units for a particularly difficult task. Some tasks may imply that the player’s squad will be follow by allies, but the customer will not like it if the player tries to use reinforcements for other purposes than completing the task.
5) Civil war quest: capture the traitor. The lord had received a message from the spies that the head of the small settlement wanted to betray him. Since the group of soldiers will be too visible, he hires mercenaries to capture the burgomaster. You will fight with the local militia and perhaps a detachment of soldiers from another house. Or maybe he decides to give up without a fight.
6) Local crises of the late game. This event takes a long time, has accompanying quests but is not global. Local crises reflect the variability of the world in which the actions take place and serve the purpose of involving in the gameplay content that is usually on the periphery – it’s mercenaries, militias, soldiers. These are group fights between participants who rarely find themselves on the battlefield at the same time. For examples:

Revolt of the city. It is not profitable for the lords to destroy cities, because they are a significant part of their well-being. Cities are not profitable to overthrow the lords because they provide them with constant protection. So that the cities agree with their subordinate position in relation to the noble houses, however, not absolutely. As the city grows rich, its burgomaster and merchant elite begin to be weighed down by the power of noble houses, and then war may happen. The war may start because of a broken contract, attempts to pressure the nobility or the ambitions of the burgomaster, or the merchant elite may want to reduce payments to the noble house. In any case, it does not matter to you – the war is bread for mercenaries. The city militia is weaker than the castle warriors, but it doesn’t matter so much if you have a lot of money.
I thought that a battle between the militia and several companies of mercenaries against the warriors of the noble house would be interesting. This could be a task for the defense of the city from the squads of noble houses, where the player’s allies will be hired companies and militias. This can be a task to capture prisoners for exchange (attack the settlement, protected by soldiers and militias). These are other examples of mercenary companies fighting soldiers.

Impostor. A rumor had reached the Lord that a certain man had declared that he was a lost member of his family and was claiming his birthright. He owns an army of bandits like himself, has hired mercenaries, and has managed to secretly extend his influence to several settlements. The parties to the conflict here will be militias, soldiers, bandits and allied mercenaries.
This may be an event related purely to the ancient dead. The lord sent an expedition to their lands to retrieve an artifact. After that, the ancient dead organized a campaign against the lord, killing all the living. It is similar to the crisis of the ancient dead, but centered around the confrontation between the lord’s soldiers and the ancient dead. They are not an easy opponent, which is why they are not as popular as orcs or bandits.
Finally, the crisis of the barbarians can only be local.
This niche has a large scope for implementation, but the quests will remain a kind of exclusive.
7) Tasks from the barbarians. I see that there have been many proposals to make a barbaric crisis of the late stage of the game, but I understand why it was not done immediately-crises are global events, crises of barbarians would create excessive pressure on the Northern principalities. However, there is some uncertainty in their status, which gives rise to such proposals. I liked the barbarian king version of the quest, where barbarian mercenaries go out to fight the undead. What if we make the barbarians the customer for the late stage of the game? The point is that as fame grows, the mercenary group becomes famous among the barbarians and they will want to use it in cases where they can not cope themselves. Traveling with you will contact the barbarian messenger and when you do not have a job will offer it to you. A barbarian messenger is a man once captured by barbarians. He now serves as a spy and messenger for the barbarians in matters concerning the southerners. These can be group tasks. This can be a battle with a group of witches, skeletons, robbers or necromancers, participation in the strife of the barbarians, the battle with the greenskins, etc. In the end, your mercenary may think that he makes one of the enemies of the noble houses stronger.
In the end, the relationship between the barbarians and the player is very contradictory – they can both fight and negotiate. Barbarians respect power, but they have nothing against mercenaries personally.
8) riposte fix
This is the most useless ability in the game. It almost never gives a win on attacks per turn, but it is very expensive for endurance. It can be useful only against ghouls or wolves, but also if the mercenary is not surrounded, but if there is another goal, the enemies will switch to it. Offer…
Make riposte cheaper on stamina, give a penalty to protect by default, cancel the penalty to attack. The sword is just a light cleaver in the hands of an inexperienced fighter. This is a purely offensive weapon, as it is now. The sword expert has a protection bonus for all swords. Riposte: after the “master” is cheaper in OD(you can move, hit and use the riposte in one move), stamina, less penalty to the defense, 50% of the protection is added to the chance of hitting a counterattack. This is an option. In the total case — to make cheaper ripost, to increase the chance to hit on successful attacks with the sword can repel the attack, unlike an axe.
9) Escort Envoy
This is the most boring quest in the game. Is there a way to make it more interesting?
10) subcontracting Tasks.
I suggest a new type of job, when your team is hired by other mercenaries to work together to take a remote large location. The mercenaries are only interested in the artifact or their contract, and they agree to leave you all the loot and trophies. But be careful-in addition to the actual protection of the lair there will be an additional army. In the end, your brothers-in-arms of yesterday may try to Rob you, but you can do the same.
Such tasks can be with the participation of soldiers instead of mercenaries, but the essence is still the same-more opponents, but there are allies.
11) Captured weapons from mercenaries. Mercenary gangs are groups of experienced warriors who have been in battles with different opponents. It would be logical that they would have a small chance of having weapons made by barbarians or even greenskins.
12) More models of trophy (orcs and goblins) named weapons. During the campaign, some opponents are more common than others, especially goblins and orcs. Most of the named weapons are obtained in battle from the heroes, but the captured named weapons have few models. As a result, you may have several Goblin swords with the same model in your inventory early enough to devalue them. We need more models of personal trophy weapons.
13) More good spears.
The goal is to pull good spears from the periphery of gameplay.
We are talking about spetum and military spears. They can’t be taken from anyone as loot. They can be added to the list of raiders, leaders of bandits, soldiers. There may be a class of soldiers using spears.
New class – the bodyguard. This is a class of Spearman, whose task is to protect the most valuable unit. He does not engage until this unit is under attack. Its behavior algorithm is similar to that of the undead bodyguards of necromancers, only it is alive. His task is not to let the player’s units surround the VIP, and if they do-to push them out.
The class – master hunter. He uses light armor, Quick Hands, Footwork, actively throws nets. Armed with a spear or spetum. He looks like a Goblin with a pike – the same cowardly class, but can put up a wall of spears. He will set this up so that your unbound brothers can’t get close to him. It has a good attack, so it’s not easy to get close to it. He is not so original, but his tactics are more like those of a beast Slayer.
The most important thing is their champions, because they throw in the turnover of trophies named spears and spetum.
14) New crisis screensavers
When you are already going through the 3rd undead crisis and get the same message about its beginning and end. Maybe someone just doesn’t read them, but it would be great if they alternated.
15) Reverse destructibility.
One of the advantages of BB is a dynamic world. I understand that this may not be in the near future, but what if we make it possible to restore settlements on the map? And there may be ruins on the map that can be colonized. Many players choose the first crisis of the civil war to the map did not disappear settlements that may be interesting. This can mitigate the devastating effects on the map and provide an occupation for the player after clearing the legendary locations.
16) the Crisis of the player later in the game.
The problem with the later stages of the game is that the more you get the harder it is for you to take risks. There is little to justify the risk of losing level 20+. There are legendary locations, but after clearing them, the number of worthy opponents is reduced, as well as the risks for the player. On the one hand, the player can cut out entire armies, on the other he will not do it because the reward does not justify the risks.
I think it would be normal if, at a certain stage of fame, a certain trade Guild offered the position of “Grandmaster for special cases”. This allows you to enter into contracts with other mercenaries on behalf of the Guild and takes on ½ or even ¾ of the cost of hiring and training staff, paying you a percentage of the profits. That is, the player can hire another band of mercenaries for a certain time in the form of an escort — this is a good bonus, and most importantly, not permanent. This bonus is provided by a Certificate-a documentary confirmation of your status. The letter as food has an expiration date and if you ignore the responsibilities can be revoked by the script. The discount on hiring and training will make the loss of veterans less painful. But this bonus can be lost, unlike The Emperor’s Countenance.
The Guild will develop due to the player’s actions and undergo a constant negative impact of the game world, which will provide a new source of motivation, an alternative to the growth of the shock force of the squad-changing the world, while without changing the role of the player “mercenary squad, killing for money”. At the same time, Guild bonuses are not aimed at strengthening the power of the squad directly, but rather at increasing its ability to recover losses. Playing for the Guild involves more complex quests, as the growth of the Guild will meet more and more resistance, both from traditional enemies, and from the cities and noble houses, which will provide a variety of opponents. Finally, the actions of the Guild can provoke its own crisis.
In the image of the Guild, I would oriented on the trading houses of the middle Ages, the predators of wild capitalism and the mafia. This is a very risky proposal, because it is essentially a new player-friendly faction, but I think it is worth it and this is the change for a very late game, which should still happen.
17) Add the ability to find small jewels and a gun in the stomach of nachtzerer. This will make them a more interesting target to attack. Add your branch to crippling Wiedergangers. They are more tenacious and have no blood and stamina, but they can be cut off hands and feet except the head. You can turn the torso into a mess and it will complicate the management of the hands, etc. These are small things, but still pleasant.
18) dead animals
I understand that I am expected to offer additional content), so: I propose to add animals-zombies: wolves and bears from necromancers. I may be beaten by other players for this, but I suggest a similar animal for the ancient dead – an ancient sacred animal. This is the decorated skeleton of a predator, perhaps a lion or a large lizard.
19) And over…….
Armored windgangers with polearm weapons and Champions with polearm weapons-why should all the players ‘ tears collect skeletons with pikes, and all the named weapons are shield-guards? At the suggestions of the female models — they can be among the barbarians and among the undead.
P.S. I am ashamed of my English, so if something is not clear, ask — I will try to paraphrase it more clearly.