Reply To: New DLC; fixes of current content wishlist

Avatar photokem

I think its a good time to bump a 2y old tread, and bring back some items that base game is still lacking:

1) Huge time hog. Need a way to speed it up without affecting anything.

Why “The faster” mod is still not included in base version is beyond my comprehension.

2) Map genenerator needs fixing, to prevent loss of harbors.

3) Need to revisit game balance, as it was hammered by new gear and skills.
3.1) Whip makes gheists, and general “fresh” unded, a non-factor.
3.2) 2h flail is non-viable.
3.3) pole axe/hammer is overshadowed by a 5ap bill
3.4) 3h flail is too niche, borderline unviable
4) inventory cluttering by beast parts.
Really, killing 50 spiders with a beast slayers just overloads the inventory.
5) buff alps, seriously 5AP bill + a whip makes any number of them BORING.
6) Antidote has no game point, unnecessary clutter. Merge it with “bandages”.
7) we need a warning, that settlement is close to being wiped out to take an action.
8) hunt beast noble contracts need a tweak to make them worthwhile.
9) I’d take a possibility to NOT automatically add tools&arrows to appropriate pool to get more tools at the cost of inventory.
If tools to add > max limit, leftovers stays in the inventory.
10) add (some) hounds to southern kennels. Add (some) dogs to nothers kennels.
11) escort caravan per head reward needs to be in line with noble per head reward.
As bandits more often than not just DON’T fight you, because company is too stronk.
12) Nerf “dazed”.
Compensate by adjusting “stun immunity” to “stun resistant” on some mobs.A mob resist 1 point of stun, leving it to be stunned by a “severe stun” for (2-1)= 1 turns.
13) Buff orc weapons (or add elite warriors), warriors need a 2h mace/hammers. As a way to improve quality of orcs and compensate for impotence of large orc blobs.
Orcs need a crude throwing spear & crude heavy javelins/ dazing heavy boulders.
14) legion needs a mobile element to their battleline.