Reply To: No challenge?

Avatar photoHoly.Death

Overpowering enemies to reach your overpowerness is like making Ichigo Kurosaki reach yet another level of power in Bleach: after some time it got utterly ridiculous and didn’t really address the balance of power, because if you run into such overpowered enemies before you’re overpowered yourself you’re pretty much dead. I think enemies are in right spot. It’s the battle brothers who aren’t.

I think that at least reduction of experience gained is bound to happen. Why? Because you either make enemies stronger or you make your men gather experience slower. Slower experience gain means it will take them longer to level up, meaning they are more likely to die in combat, meaning you won’t level them up as easily, turning them into killing machines. This could be regulated by difficulty level (so far it only affects your starting resources and prices, if I am not mistaken).