Reply To: Suggestion Thread (Update Nr. 3) From Steam Discussion

Avatar photoTrig

Things I’d appreciate:
– Robber barons. Not just bandits as human bad guys, but also better equipped robber barons with their knights.
– More area specific enemies, right now I’ve got Orcs pillaging north and south, hard to rush accross the map to support both fronts. Would like it more if each area had its own invaders.
– More ethnic variety in battle brother names, not only Germans, but also French, Flemish, English, Celtic, Slavic, etc all that was present in medieval Europe.
– More variety in weaponry, even more variations of same weapon (bilhook/glaive/voulge/halberd), more shields, more armour types or just visuals of same sort of armour, more types of arrows (cutting, piercing), throwing axes.
– Ability to spend money to boost village defence. Like if you can hire a battle brother for 100, you could also spend 1000 to equip 10 vilage millitias, or 2000 to make them 10 well equipped and experienced militias. You can’t be at all parts of the map at once, but you could strategically place militias to keep enemies in check.
– Building quick barricades. A few sherpened stakes in the ground by each battle brother could block one direction of attack towards him (out of 6), several of them could build a bit of a barrier to channel enemies into a “kill zone”. The barrier could also be destroyable.
– A kill counter for each brother. How many and what type of units has he killed since in your company.
– Selecting a brother to represent your company on the worldmap icon.
– Ability to pay or convince AI controlled group to go on a mission with you, such as castle patrols going to help you clear out a particularly difficult lair.
– Ability to issue some general orders to AI controlled allies. Can be limited to “Hold position” and “Chaaaaaarge!”, but it’s well annoying that eager underdressed militia keep charging ahead at a mass of orcs when you’re trying to hold a stable line…
– More interaction in towns. Designate one building on pic as “Tavern” where one can gather rumours about locations, so not all have to be found by physically getting close which takes tons of wasted time, while meanwhile villages are getting raided.