Reply To: Paul´s Art Corner

Avatar photoFoz

Hey there Paul, great work as usual! Any spoiler on the new available recruit backgrounds? There was nothing about them in the dev diaries so far, maybe you could post some icon art at least :P

About the retinue units, will they work like nameless inventory items or will they have events and etc? Will they just be represented as the character art you already posted or will they also have their own ragdolls(for events and etc)? I also wonder if they add to the consumption of food, have their own wages and such.

Also probably not the best time to make requests, but have you looked into being able to add the dog armor to the wolf? As it is he is worse than an armored dog and cannot be upgraded, which kinda of sucks considering he is supposed to be the best canine unit in the game and hard to get(right?) :(