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About a year ago, I already wrote a similar post, now I want to repeat it, and say that during this time I became even more confident in this problem.
Headshots one of the core mechanics. I think the Steel Brow perk makes many things pretty worthless. For example, ordinary headshots lose their meaning and are often more likely to be undesirable, because of different armour on body and head. Flails also lose their meaning due to a passive bonus to the head and a second type of attack. Also, axes lose all their bonus critical effect in the head against targets with Steel Brow. I propose to change Steel Brow perk: reduce the damage to the head to 10% of the usual blows, and reduce the bonus of the ax to 10% as well. Thus, headshots and axes for such targets as skeletons and Unholds(and others) will no longer be completely useless. A blow to the head from the ax will give at least 20% bonus damage instead of 0% to the character with an Iron Brow, compared with 100% bonus to a character without an Iron Brow.
That being said, quite a few opponents have this perk, which makes the headshot mechanic useless or even harmful.
For the player, this perk also allows you to practically ignore the mechanics of headshots and sometimes want to get hit on the head much more often.
Since we are talking about blows to the head, we need to mention the Head Hunter perk. This perk is very weak, and in current mechanics it is completely useless. Firstly, the condition for hitting the body (successful) to increase the chance of getting into the head sounds already useless, because the goal is to raise the chance of getting hit in the head, and if the chance of getting into the head is already high (a similar situation with the Quick Adaptation perk), then there’s no use for this perk, because with a ~ 50% chance of hitting the head, the character will, on average, hit the head once every other time. Passive + 15% to HeadShot chance will already be more useful than current mechanic. Also, do not forget about the problems with getting into the head described above.

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