Reply To: No challenge?

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Ye lately was hunting bandits just to change up a bit after orcs, and tbh I still want to meet more werevolves and ghosts. Never met those ghosts. But at least found one necromancer. And this time around did look out for enemy skill use. They realy do use skill. Rotation for example. Not always at the best way but mostly they do try to save their ppl. Liked the raider combat tactic aswell. Quite different from orcs and zombies. They do seem to be tactical. Not rushing, holding battle row formation, protecting archers. Very nice! Liked the ghoul specific skill aswell the one when they eat bodies. That makes them regain health and get bonuses, grow. The orc warriors push away and closing in ability is a beast aswell, sometimes it sure seems they are pushing throught to the archers behind. Also noticed that the leader enemies all have a name, nice touch. Unfortunately the necromancer I met did not use any skills, just one stab, not that he could do anything else… Still would have loved him to do some nasty things instead jumping into melee.
Again, never met ghosts, even while i’m ghosthunting around the map. For the whole game met only one werewolf group, where are the others no idea. Only two skeletal places, one far west one far north. Seems to me the map generator or the enemy spawner script needs to be a bit worked on so the players have not only orcs and bandits abiable, and perhaps make mobile undead armies, saw only one undead band whole game and i’m around 100+ days.

Btw. At least, for the very firs time in the whole playthrough I managed to save a caravan. But, the brothers still start faaar away, it was a fluke that the caravan had few hps left when I jumped the attacker. I do belive this part has to be rebalanced aswell. At least make the caravan hands wear better equip so they don’t get one shot. Usually at any time I try to save a caravan all I find is a bunch of attackers and only dead bodies.