Reply To: AI improvement

Avatar photoxterminal86

Don’t want to create another topic for such small issue, so I just post it here.

I noticed that in latest DLC, when you are pursuing an enemy party after you press “Fall Back” on engagement screen the delay after which enemy party continues moving is severely decreased. Probably that was made intentionally, but I would like to suggest to revert it back to the way it was before, because it was one of the very few ways to force enemy group into fighting together with someone else (e.g. you are pursuing brigands and noble house regiment is also pursuing them behind you, so to force noble house regiment to fight with you against brigands previously you do this “Fall Back” – “Attack” – “Fall Back” trick until noble house catches up with you).

I understand that this might seem kinda cheating but the game is hard enough as it is and there are very few times when you can actually battle against somebody with allies on your side.