Reply To: – A new build planning tool

Avatar photounislash

After a few late nights I’ve updated the loadout section of with all of the equipment from Blazing Deserts. Your previous loadout selections should be unaffected, but feel free to swap that Warscythe out for a Swordlance asap.

Additionally, the Loadout section now sports a fancy tooltip for every single item. It contains most of the stats that you’d see in-game, complete with game iconography. I hope it’s helpful to your build planning!

Next on my list are some tools to help answer the questions of “is this recruit good?” and “is this named item good?” I am constantly looking up backgrounds and item stats as I play to answer these two questions, so I figure maybe there’s something handy I can make to help answer them.

As always, if you have any feedback, bugs, or ideas, I wanna hear it. Enjoy!