Reply To: The ending text for winning an endgame crisis is a downer

Avatar photoLedgren

Not quite. That text was never there after the 1.0 release and has only popped up recently. I guess it might be as recent as the norther barbarian DLC, but it’s definitely a later addition to the game.

I honestly think its a result of a design conflict in the game. BB has the infrastructure of a long haul experience like Mount and Blade. Levels, a deep inventory system, reputation that goes up very slowly over time, but game tips and text suggest the devs want it played like a rougue-like. Which is why you get “tips” like Losing is fun and BB may lose balance after the 2nd crisis.

Either way, there’s definitely a disconnect with how many players experience and want to interact with the game, and how Overhype views it being played.

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