Reply To: The ending text for winning an endgame crisis is a downer

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@Dray I’ve been playing the game since it was in beta, the perk tree was unrecognizable and armor was an extra health bar with no deeper mechanics.You don’t need to explain the mechanics or the risk to reward ratio.

This is a game where the devs early on stated that Mount and blade and similar games were inspirations. Xcom was too, to be fair, and Xcom is a game that lends itself to play-wipe rouge-like style sessions. Where you play, you take hard knocks and you might have to restart. That’s fair. They’re drawing from two different pools of ideas and they appear to clash sometimes. That’s not the say that the game can’t be played in the sub-100 day fashion you mentioned. It’s just not the only way to play the game, and feeling like the devs are making a decision for me as a player of how I should interact with the game outside of mechanics is a little frustrating.

That said, unless I’ve missed something, I think that enemy encounters are based heavily on renown level and the strength of your group when it comes to crisis gen. I think that if you’re super high up by the time the green skin crisis rolls around, you can still fight that kind of group. I’ve been wrong in the past though and it’s bound to happen again.

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