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I apologize in advance for my English

the New DLS is just amazing! You did a great job. Please tell us, are you planning the next DLS?

I have a suggestion about this. Moders added a bunch of monsters and new opponents to the game. But there are things they can’t do. Add dwarves and/or elves to the game. Of course, they will not be “typical” dwarves and elves from the Lord of the rings.

Make them according to the low fantasy world. Show your own vision. It will be very interesting. Just think about what story and game horizons this will open up…

From the point of view of the plot and situations, we get complex characters who seem to be not evil, but they no longer have a place in this world.

From the point of view of the game, it is possible to make a new type of challenge. For example, a combination of elves and dwarves. the dwarves were holding a wall of spears. and the elves would stand behind and shoot a hail of arrows from powerful long-range bows using the skill of adoption to mow down all living things. or something like that. maybe it will be a pair of weapons for Berserkers / blade dancers(two axes, two swords).

Thanks for your attention! how do you like the idea?)