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2) Cavalrymen – they represent the standard inventory of the battle brother+ the inventory of the war horse+ the general inventory of the squad. Here is the equipment and training of a cavalryman and his war horse separately.
The cavalry is formed from noble recruits and mercenaries.
In order for a battle brother to become a cavalryman, he needs to learn a line of specific skills:
1. Horse riding-the character gets the opportunity to ride donkeys, horses.the character receives additional bonus damage when using one-and-a-half (bastard) swords in the form of +10% to the chance of hitting,+ 25% to ignoring armor.
2. Horse control-allows you to use warhorses, the character gets the ability iron grip – with severe injuries, he does not merge with the horse for 1 turn.The character gets the opportunity to use long spears to attack the enemy from a horse.
3.Royal Horseman-the character is able to use powerful cavalry pikes, gets an additional 10 units of protection in melee and ranged combat.