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-Retirement is just plain unfinished

-Karma system is unfinished

-Still feels like the interaction with the world around you feels dead. Helping out a settlement etc. should grow that settlement significantly, slowly improving that settlement (especially for villages that have NOTHING going for them, and eventually having resources to build a tavern for example would be neat because of how much your merc company benefitted the economy)

-No medium armor build

-Game is too dependent on save scumming

-Needs more events

-Needs faster combat speed

-Alot of the problems rely on mods to have the game bandaided

-People getting epilepsy/eye strain from the faster mod and the camera STILL focusing on enemy AI movement, making the camera bouncing around. Has been mentioned alot of times but devs just ignore this.

-Individual character progression, some sort of prestige benefit -The entire ‘level capping’ system needs to be overhauled. Any character should be somewhat viable, albeit they need a shitton more time to improve in a skill. People just spam tryout mod to find a good unit with correct stars.

-adding to the above suggestion; Characters automatically improve stats when they vigorously have to use that stat in battle, just like in Skyrim, but this goes slower the higher the stat becomes and faster the lower a stat is. Just came out of a battle where you swinged your sword alot and came out of it alive? +1 melee att. Succesfully dodged and parried alot of orc hits and still survive? +1 mdef. Lonewolf came out a goblin camp like a hedgehog but dodged 100 arrows? +1 Rdef. Frontliner received multiple injuries and barely survived? +1hp. etc. etc.

-Developers are doing this thing called; ‘Artificial difficulty’ making the game more difficult, but the changes not being for the better of the game or fixing the core issues of the game as to why there are only so few builds viable, and nerfing anything the playerbase finds to be efficient. This is NOT good at all.