Reply To: Paul´s Art Corner

Avatar photovendelhelm

Hello Paul!

I’m a huge fan of your work and most notably your art style, with it and the amazing writing this game has become my favorite of all time.

It has gone so far as to inspire me to try to emulate it for unofficial modding of the game. Although it started as a few helmets it has turned into quite the addiction as you can see
attempts at emulating Paul's genius

At first it was quite difficult to even approach the same appearence as your own art for Battle Brothers, and being that all I’ve worked on so far are weapons and armour I don’t even have a clue how difficult it would be to try to draw people, flesh and hair.
With time though I’ve learned alot about how to paint metal surfaces as well as wood, it’s been incredible to learn so much.

However I’m not here to brag too much. In fact I’m noticing that my latest attempts have regressed in the domain of making plate helmets with large flat plates.
My latest attempts don't look so good anymore.
As you can see in this image, these helmets are my latest attempts and they just feel out of place (They’re way out of period for what the setting of Battle Brothers) with the grey metal, it almost seems too pale compared to your helmets in game.

This is where I’d like to ask you if I could borrow an image from you.
If you’d rather not I understand completely, but could you post an image of a great-helm or a closed flat-top helm in it’s original size? I’ve stalked your page for all the great art assets you already post for us all, and they’ve helped tremendously. But at they’re size I just can’t make out the fine details that get compressed for the game later on.
Even with this image I’ll not reach the same skill as you of course, but I feel it would let me understand enough to really do justice to this game with my art assets if they actually look like they belong visually (where they would absolutely not lore-wise).

Anyway, if you end up reading all of this thank you, hope you and the rest of the team at Overhype continue your success whether it be in Battle Brothers or any project you choose to pursue.