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Hi delevopers, thanks for amazing game, gameplay is awesome, cant take my hands off playing the game! First of all, sorry for my English, not a native language, so trying to not use Google Translate. I have one little pruposal – can you add one or two more throwing nets on southern cities markets? Some randomly generated maps dont have water (I mean harbours), so its pretty difficult to buy nets – south market has one net by city and that’s not enough at all.
Maybe its better to add another type of net, for example “hunting net”, which can be bought on settlements around woods.
Also I have another idea. Before game starts, player can generate map. For example, make less settlements (I dont like max 22, tbh), more harbours, increase/decrease north/south parts, etc. Maybe add some options like increase/decrease amounts of orcs/goblins/thugs raids, so players can make their own “adventure”.
Dont know, is it possible (and have you such plans) to bring second idea to life, but I beg you, think about nets. Amount of nets are not enough :)
Thanks for all you doing. Good luck, guys, you doing a great job.