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Hey Vendelhelm,
your art is pretty good already. I especially like the full plate armor on the first picture. I’ll post a picture of a random assortment of helmets without background in original size for you.
As you might notice the original size is pretty small already. The final assets for the game are resized and refined versions of these helmets.
When scaling the helmet down I always use a few filters to make them pop out a little more:
If you are working with Photoshop i suggest a small black “inner glow” to serve as an outline. On top of that try increasing the brightness, sharpness and contrast a little.
Sometimes it’s a good idea to enhance shiny metal with an “overlay” layer. Feel free to include a little color (blue or brown) in the overlay layer.

I hope this helps, you’re painting some pretty cool stuff already!

Helmets no background

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