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Try collection of 6 mods, that will make the original game more fun, without changing the original gameplay and balance (also contains mod Hooks for build work):

– Quickly Swap Items mod –

Switch weapons and items with a single click or key press.

* * *

– Reusable Nets mod –

Normally with nets it’s “use it and lose it”. As a result, I hate using nets. This mod lets you get your net back if you kill the enemy before he breaks out. You’ll get the net back as loot at the end of the battle, or you can pick it up off the ground.

* * *

– Removable Upgrades mod –

Press U to detach an armor upgrade and put it back into the inventory.

* * *

– Boneplating Indicator mod –

Adds UI icons to indicate whether or not a Brothers Boneplating has been used up or not.
Because too often I think: Did this guy get hit already? Maybe just the shield? Do I want to stand next to this Chosen to find out?

* * *

– More Music Extended mod –

All original tracks of the More Music mod (adds 125 new tracks, around 7 hours of new audio) and 23 new: ‘Tainted Grail: Conquest’ Soundtrack, and ‘Berserk’ anime Soundtrack.

* * *

– More Heads mod –

Adds in 10 new heads for units.

* * *

Mod only for Blazing Deserts;
Install: drop the mod file into the /data directory (do not unpack the archive)