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Hi! I just want to say first that I’m very glad that I found this game, within a single day I already fell in love with it. This is my suggestion for additions, which is mainly concentrated around the open world aspect (I believe the battles and general contents is already fantastic):

Map Generation/ Open world additions:
– Have map seeds which contain a potential for inland seas, archipelagos to the north (maybe icy water allowing traversal), etc. I realise this might be easier said than done though
– Introduction of rivers – perhaps you could have port towns here as well, so you could traverse more flexibly?
– I would love to see a new type of settlement: the City. This could be marked with a cathedral as the main building (the historic centres of many European cities).
– The ability to find hunter cabins, taxidermists, forges, etc in the wilderness/ remote locations. For example, how interesting would it be to for example come across a rare forge within the mountains, that made swords for an ancient order or something. This would reward exploration of the map in areas you wouldnt usually go. Or the same idea for a retired weapon’s master, who has a hidden cabin somewhere in the woods.
– The ability to loot some minor items from battle sites. These are already in the game, but i think it would be a lot more immersive if you could stumble across some loot here.

Other additions:
– Minigames. Or at least one.. I can imagine that after a long, hard-fought battle, the brothers go into a tavern, and play some medieval style game. (Thinking of that dice game from Kingdom Come Deliverance, or similar).

This is all I can think of now. I realise most of these changes would be very challenging to implement, but there is such an amazing game here, I would love to see it grow even more. Thank you developers!!