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You know, thinking on recruitment further, can think of a way to do it that makes sense and gives a gameplay cost. I say this fairly certain that the devs are not going to revisit the matter, but it’s just something for us forum-heads to chew on.

It would make more sense if the company had a designated man to test trainees. The level of this character, his experience, would determine just how much he could suss out about potential recruits. There could be a further wrinkle of possible wounds.

Letting your level 1 peddler attend to the tryout of a hedge knight might give you the result of very serious injuries and little at all learned about the potential recruit, since the peddler doesn’t now his ass from the sharp point of a spear.

Having a level 11 peddler whose seen many many battles handle the testing would allow you to see the other character’s stat spread. If the devs wanted to get fancy, they could even make it so that certain backgrounds are more likely to suss out certain traits/debuffs regardless of level simply because of their background. A miner might know someone with breathing problems just as one example.

Then of course you’d have everything in between, where a mid-level bro can get some details on potential recruits but not a great deal if they’re near his level.

A system like this would pose the constant danger of injuries, and make it much more difficult hiring top tier talent at lower levels as opposed to once your company has serious combat veterans.

It would probably be a pain in the ass to code though. Makes more sense to me than believing a good merc captain would make a payment to a recruit on the hopes that he’s not bullshitting on his resume at least. “I’m totally a hedge knight, give me 10,000” he said in gear stolen from a roadside corpse.

None of this is anything other than forum chew though. I agree with OP’s statement. Best medieval turn based strategy game of all time, and definitely the most impressive debut game of any indie company I’ve ever seen.

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