Reply To: Utility Skill Tree Discussion

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I haven’t used Shield Bash yet, either. Maybe some other debuff like a single target taunt or temporary decrease in accuracy or defense would help make it more appealing and feel better balanced. Or maybe scale the damage based on the shield you use.

Well I did use it, in early game to free up damaged sellswords, to push the enemy back when they overwhelming, to push the enemy from high advantageous positions. But later there was the Rotation skill and footwork, both of them working 100% of the time. Unfortunately the bonus of this perk to the shield bash skill is the problem. While the skill was useful, the perk is not. 10-25 dmg is a meh bonus and the 10 fatigue damage is useless since the enemy has tons of fatigue. Without a doubt the early game benefits from it, since doing a small amount of damage as a bonus is nice, but starting midgame becomes useless. Mostly cuz I rarely use the skill anymore, just overpowering everything everywhere, and this damge is halved against armor so… everything is armored midgame. Maybe, if the damage would depend on the shield or the overall armor (like the weight behind the bash) would make it at least considerate midgame. Like being full armor would do 50-100 damage to enemy while it would still be halved against armor and ofc the power behind a bash of the full armored weight would send most enemies flying, so doing like 40 fatigue damage is fine, forcing them catch breath or even back off a bit but without overpowering stun. Scaling up the perk effects with char and world progress is a good thing to do.