Reply To: New Look at the Game

Avatar photoEvilpotatoe

I like the idea of displaying characters the same way as they’ll be in battle, but did you think of the needed resolution for that ? E.g. What about the Switch version ?

Also agree about how annoying it is to constantly switch between inventory & bros in towns. This could definitly be improved.

OTOH, I don’t care about temples or training halls because… what are they for ? :p

Oh, and I absolutely HATE the main concept of “tryout mod”. I’d accept it for beginner difficulty only.
IMO, the game is way too grindy, but the things to fix aren’t there. What I want is an incentive to fight something else than brigands or take more contracts (instead of pillaging all wilderness locations, cautiously avoiding any contract asking me to do so because it’d lose any potential cool item inside).
And also, I’d like my bros to lvl up faster (or start with a higher level) once my campaign is advanced, so I could afford to lose bros much more often. This would encourage taking risks rather than playing a safe and repetitive farming.