Reply To: Character Generation

Avatar photothenewromance

I could probably live without a dedicated representative, but I guess many people would like it. If it is only introduced as flavour, like a face and name on the “staff” screen, I don’t think it’d distract much from the game. It could, however, make people happy to have the option to choose a “placeholder” for themselves, even if it doesn’t influence the game at all mechanics-wise (or has only light application). No one is sad that changing armour colour in XCOM doesn’t add some sort of stat bonus, but it’s great to have it there.

Of course, not descending into arbitrariness, as Screeg points out, will also be important. I am a firm believer that, in any kind of art work, a clear and authentic concept (even if it is more than weird) trumps acceptable-for-everyone “family fun”. I’d rather listen to a band playing through cheap microphones with a singer who can’t sing but who means it than to a perfectly produced all-star band of old rock stars.