Reply To: A.Rex' Suggestions Consolidated

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*Cursed items:

Talbane’s [item] ~ bearer will turn into a feral Werewolf on the sixth night, bearer will have +20% HP and 12AP; party morale at start of battle will be wavering & during World map phase nights other members will randomly get hurt or go missing, or die, or even leave the group, that is if cursed member is being kept in the party.\\

Belphagor’s [item] ~ once bearer wears item curse will embed to the user; during combat will only have 6 AP per turn, gain %25 more gold from battle loot.\\

Poltergeists’ Cursed [item] ~ bearer cannot remove item; will randomly generate an apparition, following around 1-2 hex’ away & randomly attack bearer during combat.\\

Infernum Sacrificial Cursed [item] ~ bearer of item will activate curse once in battle; all stats increased +50%, bearer will turn into ash at end of 3 battles.\\

*a QUEST will be available in town by Priest to “lift” certain Curses.