Reply To: Not really a suggestion. More like a recommendation.

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Fellow X-COM and Tactics Ogre player here. Drew’s right about Battle Brothers being a lot like X-COM in terms of the tenseness of combat and how things are meant to develop organically. Great game, very much worth getting. If you plan on buying the modern XCOM, get the expansion and the Long War mod. The normal game is not as good as the original X-COM in my opinion, but Long War improves it tremendously. You can also check out Xenonauts, which changes some things but is closer in art style and playstyle to the first X-COM. You can also just get X-COM (I think steam has it?) and improve it with the openxcom modification, which fixes tons of bugs and makes it easy to add more mods. Openxcom is the best X-COM by far if you ask me, as long as you don’t have a problem with the dated graphics and UI.

Because the game has such a small team the focus is completely on the core mercenary experience, so I don’t think that we’ll see something like mini-games. I rather like the idea of a Viking game getting added to the events to add more flavour though. It’s appropriate to the time period the game is set in and games are an important part of life that usually gets overlooked or implemented in odd ways. Anything that makes the game feel more authentic is something that the developers will appreciate, especially art related details, so do share any other details that come to mind. :)