Reply To: No saving in combat?

Avatar photoSky

I was pointing out that save on exit only is a wishy-washy compromise that is much better than nothing, but won’t stop save-scumming in ironman mode and also has flaws for the people that want saves in combat to avoid losing progress.

It will stop. When the game saves ONLY when you exit it. By loading it you will continue from the exact stop you left it. That is the purpose of safe saving in an ironman mode. And no there is no ironman mode in BB as of now. It has no flaws for people who want to avoid progress loses.

As a side note, I’m honestly shocked they don’t have saving in combat to help with chasing down and reproducing bugs at the moment.

You have the savings before combat. There is absolutely no need for in combat save to bug chase, it does not benefit it in any way. If you are confusing the save in combat with the autosave function then I see your point tho not necesseraly needed.