Reply To: No saving in combat?

Avatar photoKalanar

Oh I see. Then it is an overvaluation of your time.

But seriously, I do agree with you, I won’t sit in line at Starbucks either.

As far as the tactical battles – terrain changes when you re-load and fight it again. If I were annoyed at having to fight a battle over again, it would be more about a general annoyance with the tactical element of the game rather than having to fight the same party again. I don’t know about you, but the fun for me is the tactical fights of which the variation of terrain can effect the outcome. In the off chance that I have to step away during my limited amount of gaming time, it’s not a big loss on enjoyment, for me.

Also, if the doorbell rings, or if a family member needs something, I can leave the game running while I take care of whatever it is because I likely won’t be leaving the screen for more than an hour unexpectedly. Again we’re talking about a battle that tops out at about 20mins, with the easier ones taking between 3 – 10mins. If I know I have five minutes before I need to leave the computer for an extended period – it is not worth getting in a fight. Life hacking 5 minutes of battle time to come back and finish the remain 1-15mins is not worth it to me. I would probably just finish the battle and leave late. But that’s me, I’m not sure where the rest of the community stands.


Are you a fireman? If so, thank you for your service and I suggest we get a “Fireman Mode” complete with battle saves for those who work in the profession, and can’t reliably track the next 5-20mins of their life due to alarms and fire-polls.

A save feature for battle? I guess so, I don’t really disagree with the points made about being able to play it the way you want, but I do disagree with the notion that time has anything significant do with that design decision, or that it is at all disrespectful. It would remove a danger element, that I don’t think is insignificant in terms of design.

In summary, I do not believe it is unreasonable or disrespectful to not include a save during battle.