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To be fair, I defy you to find a game that lets you save mid combat. I really cannot think of many (some, but certainly not many).

…I get the whole wasting my time argument… but hey, welcome to the world of gaming!?!?! F*** I don’t even wish to dwell upon the amount of minutes, hours, days and years I’ve wasted playing video games. But do I care? NO!

From personal experience you can either have a life, or play video games, theres not much room for both 😉

Jokes aside, I wouldn’t have a problem with saving during battles; so long as Ironman mode saved after each and every combat turn.

In the TBS genre? It depends largely on how the battle systems work, but of the games that I know of and have separate battle/campaign portions the way Battle Brothers has I can think of a few. I may be wrong about a few, as some of these games I haven’t played in some time, so feel free to call me out on any that I mistakenly put up.

Jagged Alliance I believe had in battle saves, but I don’t recall for certain.
X-Com Had in battle saves, but not in battle loading.
X-Com: Terror from the Deep In battle saves, no in battle loading.
X-Com: Apocalypse I’m pretty sure had the same sort of set up as its precursors, but I am admittedly less certain.
Jagged Alliance 2 This one I might be wrong about actually, but I’m sure that someone can correct me about it.
Silent Storm
XCOM: Enemy Unknown Although people around here seem to dislike it for some reason.

You’re right in that the list isn’t large, but it is hardly unprecedented. It’s also a pretty short list of games that spend a substantial amount of time in both a battle map and a world map though, so it’s a short list all around. I don’t think that “Other games don’t allow saving mid battle” is the strongest argument to be made against it though :P.

Yes, JA2 and XCOM EU had that mechanic. I never played Silent Storm so this is the only one I cannot even say anything about. But the other games could be exploited like hell because of their free in-battle save and reload mechanic. Why do I know that? Because I did. It was not the way these games were meant to be played. And while I loved all these games – especially xcom and jagged alliance 2 – sooner or later playing a game in a way like this lets you loose interest in it. This is why I don´t want to be tempted to do this in the first place.

You might see it from a different perspective, but I assume the devs DID indeed think a lot about when the player should and shouldn´t be able to save and load. And I also do hope they won´t just change their mind because of people who are whining about the dev´s “disrespectful” actions against “their” time…

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