Reply To: The Greenskin Menace

Avatar photoHoly.Death

A few tips from me:

– Use bigger shields (heather or kite), because smaller are easy to be dealt with.
– Make your arrows kill and wound as many young ones as possible before they close.
– Crossbows are better against heavily armored veterans and warchiefs.
– Two-handed weapons (such as an axe or sword) deal more damage and are the best at destroying shields.
– One-handed battle axe (I took a few from some Fallen Heroes, as well as their kite shields) can destroy young one’s shield in a single hit and deal nice damage.
– Flail ignore bonus from shields and is decent against armor.
– War Hammer break through armor easily, it’s arguably the best weapon to break through protection.
– Wear as heavy armor on yourself as possible.
– Your two-handers shouldn’t use chainmail type of armor as it won’t last through 2-3 hits. They need something better.
– Be wary that orcs can push into your battle line to get to your archers or billhooks.