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Avatar photoguidon101

Does anyone know if clubs, maces and the like do more raw damage against them?
Like arrows and bolts do less than normal in return.

IIRC, only skeletons penalize Ranged Weapons (arrows, bolts, javelins), but don’t actually penalize spears/daggers/thrust attacks. But I also don’t notice any bonus damage from blunt or slash weapons, but I tend to 1HKO them using warhammer or noble swords, so I can’t really tell (would be nice to show more stats in the combat log).

For my favorite weapons: (my general battle approach is about positioning/mobility and sustained dps, less use of tactical skills)
Early Game: Spears – need that +20% to hit, Bows – somehow hits stuff even below 30%, so yes please!
Mid Game: Winged Mace/Armed Swords combo for anti-armor and followed up by flavor sword fighting (just have a personal like for swords); billhooks/pike – for 2nd-line melee dps; bows
Late Game: warhammer/noble sword combo (yes, miltary cleaver/orc sword is probably > noble sword, but I just like the noble sword); billhooks; 2h axe for burst; bows
Did I mention bows?

Disfavored weapons:
Dagger/armor-bypass family of weapons – I tried to use them so I could get some undamaged armor, but not very reliable at low skill and high fatigue cost, and by the time I have higher skill, it’s more effective to just destroy the enemy and I don’t need to scrap for armor; I really think there is potential here, and I would find them fun, but currently not effective in practice for the player (especially since we generally have to mow down many more than our numbers); I think these actually should have reduced AP/fatigue cost
xbows – decent opening shots (potentially 4 shots in two turns, with 4 xbows in rotation), but shorter range and not able to sustain dps same as a bow could; bows just eclipse the xbow in sustained effectiveness

I started to play around with Orc weapons too and found them quite deadly on a strong BB, but I like to play in my own thematic way, and stick to “human weapons”. I tend to play with my band as a bunch of pretentious misfit geeky nobles, each with a “family sword”… The inherent strengths/weaknesses add to my enjoyment.