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3. Is there a average baseline asigned to all stats on char generation depending on the background?

2) Well, before we know this charts, a number based analysis of the different possible builds is a bit pointless. I Should ajust my approch on the analysis then… make it more experiance based (40h so far).
For example I never even botherd to recruit a GRAVEDIGGER so far, because stats wise he is just inferior to the GRAVEROBBER.
I always recruit LUMBERJACKS as heavy melee tanks, because its +25 for 10. So its, if the DAYTALER is the baseline (0 for 6), the LUMBERJACK gets 6,5 for every 1 upkeep as bonus, which is less than the avg 10,5 per level, but its a great base model to build a char on.

That said, with my playstyle I never run into problems with gold to far, based on ITEMS, upkeep on the other hand, blocks missions for you.

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