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Avatar photoguidon101

Rawbonus = Addition of all hard stats, without boni like +5% chance to hit / head or +15% more or less xp, as they represent some kind of “bonus” level ups at hiring.

Ah, I see, I get where you’re coming from now. It makes sense with your premises established. That is a very interesting perspective/comparison using the Daytaler and the Knight as an example. Probably the kind of trade-off analysis hard-core min-maxers (guilty) would find very useful. When I play, I tend to just go with intuition/abstraction “knight > peasant” until numbers like these make me wiser. And sometimes, I’m in a role-playing mood, and numbers just go out the window!

Sure, I’ll attach an advanced party, but will have to be in a few hours, when I get home :)