Reply To: Abuse Or Intended – A discussion about possible exploits.

Avatar photoguidon101

I have one, not sure if bug or WAD (working-as-designed):

Unit Turn/Stun mechanic: if I make a unit “wait” to move again at the end of the turn, and then that unit gets Stunned, then when his move comes up at the end of the turn, he doesn’t get to move due to the Stun effect, but then the Stun effect immediately wears off at that point, so it doesn’t carry over into the next turn. Therefore, this unit is no longer stunned in the next turn, and gets to use his full AP.

This is one of the “tactics” (exploit?) that I use against young orcs, not to nullify their stun, but to reduce its potency, since their stun would only last within the same turn, so I’ll still be free to fully retaliate on the next turn.

Another one potential exploit, although the benefit seems to be questionable versus the time invested:
Undead XP Farming: Since certain undead creatures or with necromancers could indefinitely respawn more undead, one battle with them could potentially be farmed for XP, as terribly boring as that is. I think they may have “nerfed” this effect possibly, as it seemed to be more effective before (8-15xp in-battle per deathblow, versus 2xp now; although I’m not sure how the post-battle XP is calculated, if it takes into account the “re-kills” and gives XP as if it was a full kill, or not); I haven’t tested much or really done this much due to the potential to lock-up the AI turn, but I did think it was viable before, especially for a low level party, since recently-raised undead are pretty easy fare for them.