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Some comments on the above suggestions:

Map size
Map size is kept limited because the player is meant to be able to reach everywhere on the map despite their mobility. We might see it get bigger, but it’s not a certainty.

Caravan companies
I know that competing mercenary companies will get implemented, so we might see some aspects of this.

Regional Factions
Interfactional conflict isn’t currently planned, last I heard, as that could get in the way of the theme of humanity defending itself against forces of destruction. However, we might see some elements of this with the event system.

A reputation system with two different values is currently planned, those being something akin to how professional and moral you behave.

More character.
More in-depth quests are planned as is an event system that allows for different choices.

Bad Blood System
Mercenary companies are planned, though it’s still unclear exactly how.

Surrender System.
The AI being capable of retreating from combat is planned. I haven’t seen them say anything about surrendering. I personally have my doubts about how you’d add something like that in this kind of game, while having it be both mechanically meaninful and elegant.

No plot
The actual end-game hasn’t been implemented yet, with consists of a Great Enemy for you to fight that builds up according to how the different factions interact. This will get expanded on as development continues. The focus is also on a company on the move, so no establishing lands of your own.

Turn-based world map
I don’t think they’ll move away from controlling a single company, as your group is the centre of that narrative and forms a natural limit against battle overload. The map will get more involved as time goes on, though (like tracks to follow).

Obtaining characteristics
If something like this gets implemented, it’ll be a lot rarer and not reliably achievable. Gets mentioned here.