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The disagreement on the other half is rather crucial though. ;) Units rendered unconscious in X-COM are stunned and can still wake up, so they’re still in the fight and not in a separate death state. That’s the point I’m making. The only people completely out of the fight should be the ones that are dead, not the ones rendered temporarily unable to fight, because otherwise it’s just an improved version of a kill – especially in a game like this where missing several turns can be game changing. What X-COM does have is intact bodies turning out to occasionally not be dead in the post-battle screen, which, like I said above, I have less of a problem with.
The thing with the club is that hitting someone on the head is a very bad way to to take them out, if you’re planning on taking them as a prisoner. It’s a weapon for a reason and a blow to the head is extremely lethal. They’d need to add some sort of subdual mechanics to make it work, though you’d keep the problem that trying to non-lethally subdue someone on a battlefield could easily look weird.

Save scumming was in reference to certain contracts requiring you to capture specific people. That would encourage save scumming, since it’s quite easy to accidentally kill someone with the current combat, even while whittling down their armour. Hence you’d save scum to restart the mission until you get it right. That’s design that encourages retrying until you get it right.