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Are you sure about the stun thing? I’ve put some pretty good hours into Xcom across about two finished (long) playthroughs and a heck of a lot of unfinished ones, and i’ve never had a stunned target wake up. Get blown up by a stray grenade sure. Explode to bits from a poorly aimed rocket sure. Don’t know if I’ve ever had one get up. If i’m not wrong at least twice a day, its only because i haven’t spoken. Can you send a source to confirm?
Best I can find is this:
But the interwebs can be full of contradictory info. If you find something that proves the contrary, please let me know.

That aside, lets take m&b for an alternative example. Units can be knocked unconscious and are in a death state. Never ever ever get up. Granted, bodies disappear in M&B and it doesn’t have the same…. fidelity of style that BB maintains, but the game still provides an example of prisoners being obtained through a pseudo death state.

As for the lethality of maces, a system doesn’t have to be complicated. You have a % that the target goes into the current model (face smashed) or a different model (just on the ground out of the fight). One would show that the target will not be joining any sequels, and the other would imply unconsciousness. I suppose that’s what you mean by subdual though.

It is absolutely possible to accidentally kill targets in the current combat. It’s also possible to fudge existing missions by not paying attention and running into a bad ambush on deliveries, or failing to protect a caravan target. A capture mission would be one among many where the player has to make a choice to stay true to the iron man model, or pansy out and start over. To be honest, the fact that other people are going to do that doesn’t bother me. Let them play their game. I’ll play mine and try to learn from the mistakes that failed missions and lost soldiers like Rumold and Grimald and Engelbert… I’m gonna need a minute.

Weapons can be added that specialize in capture, not that they’d be necessary. A few items have functions that lend to set up for a capture even now. The stun on the mace, the armor crushing move of the warhammer, etc. In real life apprehension of a living creature, human, quadruped or otherwise comes with the risk of killing said entity. Nothing new, or unexpected there.

I don’t know, i just imagine a lot of different things being added to the game. It’s got insane potential for expansion in so many different directions.

Edit: Even my forum posts are iron man mode T-T. Those are man tears. I’m not gonna correct the mistake on that reference post. I did goof there. I will clarify though. My experience is with enemy unknown, but I see that units did wake up on the original title. The concept still works in the more recent iteration, where a stun completely removes the alien from combat.