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8) I’m a tactician but also The Manager –> Reload the game when stats gained is not quite favorable.

You sure about the tactitian and manager? Seems like a plain save scumer to me. Worst possible tip of the century. Don’t do it. It will ruin the fun and flow of the game.

I’m not sure but I think it will reduce the chances of getting owned, as original poster requested. Max stats growth is 200% of min stats growth.

No offense but I think you’re kinda harsh towards the original poster. It’s like asking him not to load the game after being wiped out in a battle. If you can load game after being wiped out……. Why can’t you load game after +2, +2, +2 catastrophe? They key is, don’t overdo it like an obsessive fool (except for OCD or perfectionist). You should only delete your saved game after you’re wiped out like, 3 times. This is what I deem fair to the original poster.

Hey, I can’t edit my previous post… so I’ll leave this here. Engage battle near town enables militita to join your battle. Someone has to die in war, but it doesn’t have to be your men.