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Avatar photoSekata

It can not become too much like M&B. It’s not like MB, it just seems that way because the world map movement of your unit, that’s all they have in common. When the faction conflicts will be added, that too would be similar to MB and to any other faction conflict mechanics game out there. Apart from the world map everything else is quite different.

But it could become even more than it is now. By giving the characters more of a personality, not only by traits and backgrounds but by adding in some characterizing one liners like the Darkest Dungeon has. It would require some work but would add immensely to the atmosphere of the game. Be it curses and whines on the battlefield, or disappointment frustration or cheering up on town or management screen as they get better or worse equipment and jobs.

Having played both extensively, i’m pretty sure that i’m capable of coming up with an opinion of what “too much like” is from my own frame of reference. I’m aware of the differences, thanks.

I just wouldn’t want to see BB take all of its cues from mounts and blade, when its got so much personality from the features that make it different.