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Bravo – this must be the best suggestions-thread I’ve seen so far. Very fleshed-out and appropriate for the setting. I did not expect anything less from you. :D

I’m not sure how a mix of hit-and-run units and the usual tanks works out.
See, I usually have a core of tanks building the frontline, not moving, letting the enemy come at me. On the back, there are 2-3 archers. Now, why would I give these archers slings? They’re covered by the guys in front of them, have better range, deal more damage, and probably don’t have to do guerrilla tactics at all.
Slings would be perfect in a completely different type of warband, where every unit has some kind of ranged weapon and is agile enough to apply hit-and-run tactics. It would be a completely different style of playing, endorsing high speed, fatigue and low AP-use. It is indeed, an interesting thought, but it would also require new balancing/redoing the perks.

I approve of this idea.

Pause:/Acquired traits:
Yes, please.

Maybe they could exist as some kind of vagabond faction, a faction like the beasts, without settlements. I think having them as a large faction would give this game a to strong warhammer-vibe.

Enemy companions:

Wetland faction:
Maybe this could be the Rat-men faction. There are probably no severs in this game, so they live in the swamps instead. Rats can swim so give them a bonus when moving across swamp,

Okay, I’ve gotta sleep. Will continue tomorrow.