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Dear lord… can’t you people come up with original and creative names?

Total War –> Bandits, Orcs, Undead are everywhere. It would be nice if they have a tea party together….
Besieged –> Here’s the bad news. They don’t like tea. They like you.
This War of Mine –> It’s all about you and your buddies, agree?
Orcs Must Die –> Orc’s sexy and muscular body gets all the chicks, always.
Chaos Legion –> Our members ranged from rat catchers to nobles, you name it.
Attack on Titans –> I’m not sure how tall you are, but orcs look really tall to me.
Jormungand –> What do you mean you’re making money without selling weapons?
Guilty Crown –> Just don’t ask how many lives are sacrificed for this stash of fortune. This is my Guilty Crown.

Well…. ahem, ahem…. let’s be a little more serious.

Battle Brothers –> current/first gameplay, which is also experiment gameplay for learning purpose
Well, if I start new game after learning most stuff in the game, I might use some really cheesy names.

Thanatos – the avatar of death.

Here goes a really cheesy/pretentious one. Read at your own risk. (cover face with embarrassment)

They say people like us always head for places where blood is spilled…
And we’re accused to grab whatever left by the dead…
So from today onwards, our band will be known as…
Raven’s Claw.