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1) Also, would it be nice if we can hide trees when in battle, so only tree stump is visible? In a forest, sometimes it is hard to identify whether the terrain is blocked by trees.

2) I’ve just met Orc Berserkers. They’re made of pure muscles. Ahem, I mean they have a lot of hp without armor. Do/Could we have an enemy with a lot armor but with 1 hp?

Do you feel angry when you’re slain due to some very minor mistake or accident? It was an overwhelming victory, except the fact that everyone is going home without you. Similarly, there are a lot of angry souls that linger around the battlefield. Once in a blue moon, some of them manage to possess a set of complete armor and this gives them a physical form. They resembles a full armor knight that wanders restlessly at night, and this is what the folks call them…

Ghost in the Shell.

Spectral Armor would be a nice name but too bad it’s also an item name in another famous game. Anyway, you get the idea.
Hmmm…. On second thought, this enemy will be extremely vulnerable to dagger/knife skill Puncture. Is it possible to have enemy with a lot of armor without hp?