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Cool ideas! The different factions gave me an idea of exiles or pariahs. How about running into lepers or some hermit dying of a plague that he might infect one of your brothers with? Would force the player to keep his distance while trying to take out the enemy at the same time. That would definitely spice things up from the usual overwhelm everyone or hold the line strategy.

Much obliged. :D Disease and pariahs being in the game would depend on the injury system. If it reflects injuries caused by disease, as well as combat, then events and enemies that reflect this become an option. You could keep it limited or go all the way (plagues? Player company as plague carrier leading to the infection multiple cities?), but it’s probably best to stick to a limited scope, for now, if they add it. After all, feature creep is the thing that usually kills ambitious projects like this. Still, disease is an interesting concept. Kind of a historical Great Enemy in its own right.

Great ideas, thanks a lot for the input!
Really sorry that we cant reply to each idea individually but i just want to drop in and let you know that we are reading this and taking notes. There are some ideas that we have already on our list but also really nice new ideas!

Haha, no worries, I wasn’t expecting a point by point commentary. Keeping up that level of feedback as Early Access progresses would burn you out in no time. I was actually surprised by Jago going through the whole list.
Also good to hear that my input is useful and that I’m not just rambling like a madman; I tried to have my suggestions be as suitable for your design as possible and feasible to implement, as far as what I know of the game. It makes me antsy though to find out what was already planned and which ones were new. :P

Yeah, I overlooked that, my bad.
That’s a good idea, introducing more ghost-type monsters that are also incorporeal, tougher than the lost souls. And yes, if they can be killed in one hit (with daggers), they shouldn’t be boss types. A fitting boss type would be more something like a more powerful necromancer or something entirely else, a lich/mummy for example (you know, they usual :D ).

Appreciate you going through the whole thing. I particularly liked your thought on adding the Rat-men to the Wetland faction, since it was a nice way of combining the two ideas. Some back and forth like this was what I was hoping for when I registered. :)

Nice, the Restless Lord unit happens to be an idea that I rather liked, with the idea of them having a fatal weakpoint that is both thematic and possible of dealing with in lots of different way. The way it can naturally change into a different type of unit also makes a more dynamic addition, requiring a bit more flexibility in your tactics. I also have some ideas on boss-ghost types, though the undead in general are just a rich source of those kind of units. Aspects of liches, mummies, heroes, and so on, altered and made particular to the setting. Going to ponder on that a bit more.