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That’s the thing though, going without a helmet into combat is just about the worst mistake you can make. Not having a helmet is something for movies, as you’d just die without one in a fight.
Toggling them on and off would also conflict with the idea of everything that you see on the map actually being there and would remove an important visual short-hand for what state your merc is in.

I agree on that one in so far, that the visual aspect of seeing how well protected the heads of your BattleBrothers are is a very important point.
Which is why I suggest an option to toggle it on or off – that way, each player could decide for themselves if they rather go with one or the other.
I mean, just take a look at the picture of the latest dev blog: Nine characters, of which five have no helmet.
Just because it looks nice if not everyone is armoured up all the way to their noses.
There might be a better way to do so instead of the option to toggle the appearance on or off, of course.

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