Reply To: Endless Enemies?

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>> Hi there!

Well, whenever I reach the end-game

Hi hi! :D

What!? You’ve already collected 6 dragon ba-
Huh…. What am I saying? I mean, where did you get the end-game quest?

>> Problem: they keep popping out of nowhere. Can you actually defeat them once and for all, or do they re-spawn continually?

I’ve tried the similar thing. Cleaning the area just to find more of them when I return. Firstly, please allow me to rephrase your question. It would be easier to answer.

>> Question: Is it possible to kill everyone in the world with just 12 men?
Answer: I think it depends on how horny reproductive the orcs are. Also, don’t forget that there are different factions between the Orc clan (just like humans have different triads). Congratulations, young man. I heard you’ve wiped out Orc faction A.

*Walk closer and pat on shoulder*

But you’re just too young. You’ve no idea what you’ve done. You’ve just given a chance to Orc faction B, C, D to rise as they have one less rival now.

*blush* Ahem, let’s be a little more serious.

>> I know that surviving groups can build new fortresses, but they shouldn’t have enough resources for that.
Seriously? Did you stalk on them and saw a band of Orcs turning into a fortress of Orc, or something like that? I’m just curious.