Reply To: Difficulty

Avatar photoSky

There is huge inconsistency with the map generation. The best map so far was settlement-road wise a circle + some outside, enemy wise the same map had “zones” where I was able to vonstantly find enemies of one type and at the borders two and even three different fighting factions. Compared to previous plays this had the best road and enemy spawns. Unfortunately it did not help with the world being alive. Everything was too much spread out, making the game even harder, so the npcs were’nt much productive. In other game had a very tight settlement placement and the world was hyperalive, constant caravans guard runs, fights with bandits. While I love the spreadness and layout of the circle road I do miss much the livelines of a tight setup, while on a tight setup it is much much more easy since all is near and the towns can stand up and recover.